Yo resigning

If you must take a leave of absence, this would be the place to officially announce it, so you aren't marked as inactive. Plus, your friends might want to know if you are going to disappear for a while.
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Yo resigning

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I feel increasingly like this forum isn't for me, so i think i am out peace. Have a good game folks, no hard feeling or nothing but I think i am tired and not really looking forward to posting. Not to mention I don't really think it matches that naruto feel for me, though admittedly naruto really wasn't my kind of anime anyway. I think you have a good community with a lot of hope and idealism and while I probably won't be playing for a long time I am looking forward to the type of game you create and want to play. Thank you for putting up with me. As both my characters are falling into disrepair this relinquishes one generic sage mode, and chibaku tensei back into the restricted pool. I am hesitant to call them resigned as i will pick them up if i come back to the site at any point; however, if i have no plan to actually play them i don't feel i should be holding back their restricteds like i am from others that may want them.

As a note Recette won her round two match, due to Daka giving up, so whoever is against her next can take their free win.
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