Christmas Mini-Patch

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Christmas Mini-Patch

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Happy Holidays! In lieu of the upcoming changes Zach has been working on we understand that it can be hard to find the motivation to post. We’d like to reiterate that, while changes will be made, there will be no restarts that invalidate any currently existing characters. Activity now will still have benefits when the change is implemented, so fear not! Character points earned now will convert over to the new system at a 1-for-1 rate. With that in mind, and the Holiday season upon us, we will be introducing a few gifts for all of our players!

TNRPG Reborn Sneak Peek and New Genin Experience
TNRPG Reborn Sneak Peek: Squad Experience is here! Gain experience as a team, duo, or even as a lone wolf to purchase new, tactical squad abilities and benefits that highlight the connections your character has made with others; or the ones it has severed. To further the excitement for this up and coming system here is an example:
"Quality Time - If your squad is interrupted during a harmonious outing, they receive one pick of their Squad Advancement bonus twice (Captain’s choice.)"

Squad Experience elevates the Genin experience and as a thank you for choosing that route and partaking in the new Squad Experience system, any Genin registered between now and the launch of TNRPG Reborn will receive a Restricted Pick after gaining 5,000 Character Points after creation. This pick will fill the “In-Character” slot.
Returning Player Experience
To level the playing field for those interested in returning, either to the site in general or for a specific character you may have retired, returning now allows you to claim 200 Character Points to get back into the swing of things. Make sure to check the updated Restricted List and Village Roster and make any necessary adjustments to your character if any of their previous picks or ranks have been reclaimed.
Holiday Character Points
For the Holiday season itself, feel free to claim 100 Character Points between now and the new year. This is obtainable by all characters; the more the merrier!
In-Character Events
We will be hosting two In-Character Events soon and hope you will participate in, and enjoy, them as much as the previous Cherry Blossom Festival and Gyuuki Confrontation.

The first of these is the New Year’s Festival in the Land of Iron. All posts there will be worth an additional 5 Character Points, this includes Flashbacks, and no need to worry if you’re tied up real time somewhere else. Characters are free to participate in one festival topic even if they’re currently busy in another real time topic elsewhere. This event begins on December 18th, and runs until January 22nd.

Secondly, taking place in the Land of Snow, will be the Event Horizon. Event Horizon will take place from December 20th to January 10th, allowing three weeks for players to fend off the attacks of Ootsutsuki invaders. Similarly to the New Year’s Festival, characters are free to participate in one Event Horizon topic even if they’re currently busy in another real time topic elsewhere. Here is a small breakdown for the event:
Three Ootsutsuki; one for low level characters, one for mid level characters, one for high level.

You can join a topic with others or by yourself while fighting the Ootsutsuki. You can post as often as you want to. All topics fighting the same Ootsutsuki are canon, though due to the nature of how the fights will play out (I've heard these moon people have dimensional teleportation powers) you don't need to worry about acknowledging any events from other Ootsutsuki combat topics outside of your own.

Every 48 hours, each Ootsutsuki will make a global post taking damage and making their own attacks. Survive their attacks and continue attacking to make progress towards defeating them. The events of these global posts apply to all topics fighting against that Ootsutsuki member.

There may or may not be a special reward at the end of the event for a few lucky characters. In addition, everyone that participates in the topic receives character points per post for major combat (solo topics limited by the rules, as normal), and a guaranteed unique minor reward, separate from the special reward.
TNRPG Secret Santa
Finally we will be having an Out-of-Character Event! This year we’ll be having a TNRPG Secret Santa. Feel free to sign up between now and December 20th. At that time, all entered names will be randomly mixed and distributed among other entrants with the goal being to present a gift to the name you were assigned. The gift can be creative, heartfelt, or random. It’s up to you. You aren’t expected to spend money on the gift, but you can if you want. We’ll even let you give some of your unspent Character Points, up to 500, to your chosen recipient as a gift. To register for the Secret Santa event, post your name in the Secret Santa section of the Discord Server.
We hope you enjoy these upcoming events and new systems as we ease into the upcoming changes Zach has in store for everyone. Happy Holidays and have fun!
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