The Cactus Juice Challenge (OPEN/FESTIVAL)

The Land of Iron (鉄の国, Tetsu no Kuni) is an icy, snow-covered country, known to be the home of the samurai.
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The Cactus Juice Challenge (OPEN/FESTIVAL)

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And so came the time of the year that Inahara most enjoyed. The New Years Festival. The Uchiha liked any excuse to go out and drink, but she found that this festival in particular was perfect for getting to mingle with shinobi from other villages. Such an opportunity was rare for her as she had seen few chances to get out of the walls of Konohagakure. For the most part, she was simply too lazy to. Now she had the chance to see new scenery so she figured she might as well take it.

The Land of Iron was quite different in both environment and architecture than what she was use to in the Land of Fire. Here, seas of greenery and forestry were replaced by ice glazed mountains. This warranted Inahara to bring her white tactical cloak to wear over her outfit for the festival. Inahara chose to travel alone so that she could abide by her own schedule though she was excited to see another person.

Inahara spotted a few passersby as she entered into the village with the most prominent figures being the samurai. After clearing her identification with the guards, Inahara waltzed into the village that had been colorfully decorated in celebration of the new year. Some of the festival attendees had started taking off their cloaks as the warmth from lanterns and torches that lined every building fought in opposition of the oppressive cold of the mountains.

She felt the joy of a kid finally stepping through the entrance of a carnival, her anticipation being quelled by the sounds of music and laughter in the distance. “First order of business, a drink.” Inahara strolled through the streets of the village, seeing many booths for food of all sorts. Since the event was hosted for villages across the entire ninja land, food had been prepped with the culture of their attendees in mind. Inahara had seen dishes that she hadn’t even heard of before. In her quest for liquor, her sapphire blue eyes met with a booth that had been set up like a bar table. There were drinks and shots already sitting on the bar table for people to grab and go upon approval and a bartender to make any special requests.

Inahara saw the bartender pouring up a shot of sake from a small container. Behind the man had been a wall of liquor options to choose from though she couldn’t help but notice a gallon sized gourd sitting on the ground in front of the wall. That’s when a grin immediately grew across her face.

“What’s that right there, mister?” Inahara asked politely.

“Oh, that’s a special drink imported from Sunagakure. They call it Cactus Juice. Nobody’s really wanted to touch it after one glass. “

The stubborn Uchiha immediately saw this as a challenge. “Pour me up a shot.” She asked with no qualms for what was in the drink as she placed a few ryo on the counter.

“Whatever you say.” The bartender hesitantly grabbed the gourd and began pouring the contents over into a small glass that sat in front of Inahara. The liquid had a greenish tinge but was for the most part as transparent as water. As Inahara picked up the shot, she sniffed it to find no stout smell either. She questioned if the drink was even alcoholic but she figured there was no truer test than to drink it. In one quick movement, Inahara knocked the shot back and placed it back onto the counter.

The taste was bitter at first but as the aftertaste settled she found a refreshing feeling wash over her body. As she smacked her lips, she found that the beverage was not only delicious but absolutely thirst quenching.

“I want the whole bottle.” Inahara said with complete seriousness.

“Uhhh, I don’t know if I can sell you the whole bottle, maybe another glass perhaps?" The bartender offered.

Inahara proceeded to throw out an amount of ryo that probably would have been enough to buy three bottles worth of sake. The bartenders eyes could have turned into money signs with the quickness he reached for the gourd. He would pass Inahara the gourd and proceeded to count his new affluence. Inahara grabbed the container.

Inahara walked away from the bar with a smile as she proceeded to explore the area more. As she walked, she familiarized herself with the new warmth that protruded her entire body. It seemed impossible for her to already feel drunk after only one shot, but her body and mind betrayed this notion. The winter colors of the sky looked even more vibrant than before as if her eyes had now been able to process colors unforeseen by the normal human eye.
Inahara found herself stepping into an open area covered with splotches of snow covered grass. Lanterns from nearby buildings illuminated the area but the only thing distinguishing the open field was a large boulder that sat in the middle with a decorative torch standing right next to the rock. Inahara took a quick swig of her newly obtained drink and found the effects intensifying even more. The drink was most likely not meant to be consumed so casually, but this was never something that festered Inahara. She felt like she could walk on air if she wanted to. Again, she felt that same refreshing feeling course through her veins even stronger.

“This stuff’s amazing!” Inahara said to a complete stranger that had been walking by. She continued her stride towards the boulder, throwing herself on top of it as if she had forgotten she was a shinobi. As Inahara turned towards the sky that had slowly been transitioning into dusk, a familiar tale played through her head.

It was something along the lines of a little Senju girl who had been talented with ninjutsu and would use her techniques as if she had been turning the entire battlefield into a blank canvas waiting to be etched by her grandiose ninja arts. Instead of leaving behind grand devastation, she created new ecosystems of forestry and river systems in the wake of a fierce battle. A few of them still survived throughout the forests of Konohagakure and the Land of Fire. Inahara would have remembered more, but she wasn’t exactly an expert in Senju history. They were the longtime rivals of her clan after all. She would have to get with her old team mate if she wanted to know more of how the tale ended.

That’s when an idea struck her mind lightning. It was an idea so brilliant, so bold, so ambitious, so daring that she absolutely had to share it with the world. Or at least that’s what her drunken stupor warranted her to believe. However if she wanted people to hear her request, she would have to get their attention first.

The Uchiha would place the container of sacred liquids on the boulder and then collapse her hands into the Dog hand seal for a brief moment. She meant to keep going but the next hand seals seemingly slipped her mind. “Fuck, what am I even doing…..Oh yeah!” Her hands would finally form into the next few seals. As she completed the technique, several yellow ovals of chakra spawned in every direction around her. Balls of fire would shoot through the ovals of chakra as if they had been transported through a portal. The multitude of fireballs would burn brightly as they suddenly each took on the forms of red ghostly apparitions.

“Alright! Let’s get this party started! “ Inahara shouted as she twirled with the gourd returning to her hands. The flaming ghouls would slowly start to ascend into the sky in a spiral fashion around the boulder. Flares danced around them elegantly in a grand display of brilliance, something Inahara would not have been able to accomplish had she not already been acquainted to practicing her techniques while intoxicated. The flames burned brightly enough for anyone remotely looking in her general direction to see. Just as the apparitions of flames reached a certain point of the sky, they would plummet towards the ground although just as they approached the surface, they would hover over snow covered grass. Just as they hovered in place, the snow melted beneath them, revealing either a moist plot of grass or the bare ground in some splotches.

The ghouls would shoot out in every direction, moving slowly yet in form as if they had been trying to haunt one another. Slowly but surely, all of the snow in the area had been completely melted, unveiling the miniature plane of grass that was hidden beneath all of the snow. With a breath of satisfaction from Inahara, the ghouls would all disperse into a small spark. Inahara had purposefully placed a smaller amount of chakra into the technique so that they wouldn’t cause any damage to the environment. She wanted to keep the list of problems she caused for Konohagakure as small as possible.

Inahara took yet another swig of the beverage known as Cactus Juice, although this time it was much smaller. This had still been enough for to feel herself further ascending into a state of tipsiness. Sheesh. I probably shouldn’t try anything flashy like that if I drink anymore. This stuff has me on my ass…. That’s when the earlier idea reentered her mind. An idea so grandiose, so exquisite, so magnificent, so striking, so monumental that she now needed to use the attention she just garnered.Luckily her next technique didn’t require much aptness at all to perform. She would poorly form the Ram hand sign, allowing her next words to suddenly project in the same fashion as in intercom in the immediate

“HEEEEEYY!!! “ Inahara shouted into the void of the festival using a technique that was formally meant to confuse enemies with misdirection to amplify her voice. “ If you call yourself a master of the ninja arts, step right up. I’ve got a challenge for ya’ you won’t wanna miss out on!” Inahara’s hands fell back to her side as she held onto the gourd of Cactus Juice as if it were a baby in her lap. She was excited to see what kind of attention she may have stirred.

Techniques Used:
Fire Release: Demon Lantern - B Rank
Empty Cicada Shell Technique - D Rank

Stamina Points Remaining:
150 (5 Left Ninjutsu Pool)

  • Fuinjutsu Adept
  • Bukijutsu Adept
  • Ijutsu Expert
  • Ninjutsu Adept
  • Sensory Adept
  • Genjutsu Adept

Strength: Average
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Masterful
Reflex: Proficient
Coordination: Proficient
Wisdom: Masterful

Spent Character Points:6000
Active Character Points: 6000
Unspent Character Points: 0
Total Character Points: 6000

Spent Character Points: 4,500
Unspent Character Points: 0
Total Character Points:4,500
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