Training in the Sound (Flashback)

The Land of Sound (音の国, Oto no Kuni) is neighbored by the Land of Fire and the Land of Lightning. It is a centralized focal-point of geopolitics, with all four major villages launching operations in the Land of Sound to try and bring it under their control, as well as win the loyalty of their Hidden Village, Otogakure.
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Training in the Sound (Flashback)

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(Solo-Post of 8/8)

Risa had taken her time from leaving the caves to a spot in order to start her own training again. It had been a while before she did anything involving her Steel Release. The time had caused the snake lady to lose her focus on techniques that weren't really of which that she practiced often, that being her Ninjutsu techniques with this release. Her Taijutsu was something she was much more passionate about but not doing any training would end up causing her to lose her prowess in those areas. She had decided to go to an area that would provide her with enough metal to be able to use her techniques with ease.

Her legs and arms remained fully covered by her long sleeve grey and black shirt and tall black tights, but for once she had ditched the heavy golden jewelry she normally would be carrying around. It would have gotten in her way for now and her own techniques would already provide her with enough shine for the day. Her boots were covered in mud by the time that she reached the perfect spot, much to her dismay. But, Risa was ready to get her training done for the day.

She started off easy as her hands weaved the seals together. One by one until she got done as her hands raised then slammed onto the ground, it was going to be a cake walk. Protective techniques would be good to know more than offensive if she was to resort to this sort of Ninjutsu as a metal wall began to raise from the ground and then expand. A small smirk entered onto her face. Maybe I didn't really have to do this, but it's better to make sure I remember them all. Onto the next, what should I go with?

Learned - Steel Release: Prison of Omnipresent Darkness (A-Rank, 306/300 Words)
  • Taijutsu Master [+1 Tier to Stamina, +1 Tier to Coordination, 60 Stamina for Signature Style, 15 Stamina for Taijutsu, +1 Tier to Tracking]
  • Ninjutsu Adept [Chosen Element: Steel]
  • Kuchiyose Adept [Snakes]
  • Sensory Adept
  • Strength: Proficient
  • Constitution: Proficient
  • Stamina: Epic
  • Reflex: Masterful
  • Coordination: Masterful
  • Wisdom: Proficient
  • Steel
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