The Land of Lightning

The Land of Lightning (雷の国, Kaminari no Kuni) It is located on a peninsula to the northeast of the Land of Fire and it is considered one of the Five Great Countries. It is host to the hidden village, Kumogakure. It is a country rife with steep, mountainous (or at least otherwise rocky) terrain.
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  • Kumogakure
    A village that seems to be suspended in the clouds; situated high in a valley, surrounded by great snowy peaks and forests. The city is continuously ringed by low-lying clouds, and is ruled by the Raikage.
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  • Unraikyo Valley
    Situated on the coast, the Unraikyo Valley extends into a great bay that opens into the ocean. The valley is dominated by dramatic, columnar rock formations, and is home to numerous beautiful temples built into the sides of the rock.
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  • Takagamahara
    A beautiful expanse of rolling hills and tall, thick, grass sweep across the Takagamahara; the Plains of Heaven. Small rock features dot the area. Considered a border-region with the other countries, Takagamahara also serves as an agricultural region for the country, and hosts several towns. Takagamahara is a direct link to the Land of Frost.
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